Fire Opal

CV: Kevin K. Gomez

Age: about 16~17 human yrs
Birthday: Unknown
Race/Ethnicity: Chalcedonian
Sexuality: "Love is stupid!"
Heart Jewel: Fire Opal
Likes: Chaos, doing what he wants, being free, messing with people, power
Dislikes: Being told what to do, rules, when people are laughing and having fun

Opal is the first nightmare agent we meet and the youngest known member of the Nightmare Agency. Opal doesn't see the point in friendship and love would rather ruin everyone's fun. He’s cruel and enjoys causing chaos and making a mess of things, and he tends to be sloppy with his work. His monsters tend to be unpredictable and difficult to control but they are very powerful. Because he's so young and the fact that he's a sloppy worker, the other Nightmare Agents often treat him like dirt and make him do embarrassing and menial tasks.