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Zacharie Pelletier

CV: Penelope Sophia Smith

Age: 16
Birthday: November 25 (Sagittarius)
Race/Ethnicity: White Canadian
Sexuality: Bi
Heart Jewel: Citrine
Element: Light
Likes: Fashion, makeup, touching soft hair, parties, music, sparkles, and sewing
Dislikes: Damaged hair, clashing patterns,  their parents

Flirty, fun, and overflowing with energy, Zacharie always has a smile on their face. They always do their best to remain optimistic despite how hard things can get. They don't get along with their parents and because of this left home to live with their aunt Paulina. Zacharie is a member of the Fashion Club and loves anything beautiful and cute. Many people find them a bit eccentric and overwhelming but they are very popular, especially with girls. They are a bit pushy and impatient and tends to speak without thinking, but they means no harm and they have a kind heart. They are a good friend of Ethan's and the two of them are in the same art class.

After seeing their friends in danger, they immediately gain the ability to transform into the Crystal Warrior of joy and fortune, Citrine Heart. They have powers over sunshine and light.