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Valerie Amaranth

CV: Anairis Quinones

Age: 16
Birthday: April 9 (Aries)
Race/Ethnicity: Black American
Sexuality: Pan
Heart Jewel: White Diamond
Element: Love/Hope
Likes: Sweets, baking, cute things, games, tv, snacks, eating, clothes, admiring pretty people, dancing
Dislikes: Math and History class, bullies, worms, sour foods, waiting, Liam (sometimes)

Valerie is the main protagonist of the story. She is a cheerful, carefree, and energetic sixteen year old girl who loves sweets, games, and eating. She's not very good at academics and is a bit naive, but she makes up for it in determination and optimism. She's friendly, kind, loves making new friend and is very forgiving. She's been best friends with Ethan and Sophie since middle school, and trusts them more than anyone.

After having a nightmare she can't remember about a magical princess named Rosalia, Val unlocks the powers of the legendary Crystal Warriors and transforms into the warrior of love and hope, the titular Diamond Heart. Now with her fairy partner Diana, she must rescue the missing princess and fight the evil Nightmare Agency, who plan on putting the world into eternal sleep.