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Sophia Anderson

CV: Sarah Ruth Thomas

Age: 17
Birthday: September 27 (Libra)
Race/Ethnicity: White, Russian and Greek descent
Sexuality: Lesbian
Heart Jewel: Blue Sapphire
Element: Ice
Likes: Studying, science, reptiles, frogs, vanilla, Valerie
Dislikes: Laziness, messes, arrogance, wastefulness, animal cruelty, Liam

Sophie is the next door neighbor and childhood friend of Ethan and views him like a younger brother. Although they only knew each other since middle school, she also became close friends with Valerie. She's vice president of the student council and is very hardworking and reliable. Although she is friendly and energetic toward her friends, she can be stern and cold toward people she is uncomfortable around. She's also known for being very strict, making sure Ethan and Valerie get all their work done in a timely fashion. She's very curious and loves learning about new things, and is always rambling on about her latest discovery. She has a soft spot for frogs and reptiles, and keeps several as pets.

She gains her powers on her 17th birthday in order to protect her friends from the Nightmare Agent Opal. She transforms into the Crystal Warrior of intelligence and clarity, Sapphire Heart and has powers over ice and water.