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Clover Vermillion

CV: Dani Chambers

Age: 16
Birthday: February 14 (Aquarius)
Race/Ethnicity: Black French
Sexuality: Bi
Heart Jewel: Amethyst
Element: Starlight/Darkness
Likes: Lolita fashion, pretty things, gemstones, makeup, french cuisine, her sister Lotus, being right and better than others
Dislikes: Rude people, slobs, filth, commoners, dogs, chores, "ugliness",  nosey people.

Clover is the wealthy and former heiress of the incredibly powerful Vermillion family. She's charismatic, refined and a true upperclass lady, While she has no problem making a good first impression, she is very shy and clumsy with personal relationships, and can be spoiled and a bit of a crybaby.  Shes a bit arrogant, and has a short temper, often taking disproportionate retribution against others. However she is very sweet and loves her family with all her heart. She greatly admires her older sister Lotus and aspires to be just like her someday.

She meets Valerie by chance after hearing the new's that her sister Lotus had quit modeling without telling her. After her sister is attacked by the nightmare agency, she transforms into the Crystal Warrior of fantasy and starlight, Amethyst Heart in order to protect her.